The Conspiration of the UniverseAuthor: Kenneth Olanday
Release date: 2017
Publisher: Cloak Pop Fiction (Summit Books)
Series: N/A
Age Group:Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
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"Luke believes in a quote by his favorite author -- that is you want something so bad, the universe will conspire to help you get it.

Luke must have wanted to find love so much that Eureka, the heroine of his favorite book, comes to life and falls in love with him.

There is just one catch: once Eureka reaches the end of her book's storylike in the real world, then her story with Luke will end, too.

Will the universe conspire to help the star-crossed lovers find true happiness with each other?

One thing is for sure, Luke will do everything he can to keep Eureka forever. 
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I received a physical copy from Pop Fiction in exchange for an honest review. This however did not influence my opinion of the book or of the author in any way..


         The Conspiration of the Universe started slow for me. I could have finished it in a day but I kept on stopping because the momentum wasn't there yet. Finally, I got intrigued when Luke and Eureka met. I mean, seriously? The girl of your dreams from your favorite book coming to life? What a treat! I was totally curious as to what will happen to the two of them.

       Eureka and Luke were funny and entertaining. I enjoyed the progress of their relationship. It seemed so real and natural. They just clicked and the rest was history. Still, I disliked Luke a bit when he refused to tell Eureka the truth. It was obviously for selfish reasons. Of course, it wasn't an easy revelation to Eureka. Yet the two of them worked it out. I guess both of them were just in denial that Eureka's storyline would have to come to an end anyway.

       The funny and light romantic feels of the story kept me entertained as I wait for the final moment. Will Eureka stay or not? That's one thing you need to figure out for yourself. I liked how it ended that way. Giving me the power to play with what happens next.

        I live for mysteries and thrilling reads so I enjoyed this one and liked it. However, the main idea of the story reminded me of the movie, Ruby Sparks. It's not totally the same but kind of. Yet the story of Eureka and Luke had its own appeal. I liked it as it is.

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