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Love, Kinsey
Author: Brandy Corona
Release date: September 29th 2013
Publisher: Self-Published
Series: N/A
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
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All her life, Kinsey Masters has thought of herself as ordinary, boring almost. She had a normal upbringing, a stable career and a good love life, finally meeting “the One,” Colby.

But life has a funny way of turning the tables on you.
Faced with a devastating diagnosis, Kinsey sets out to write her last story – her own.

Her journey reunites her with each man she’s fallen in love with and with their words, along with other friends and family, she pieces together the story of herself. With each meeting, Kinsey begins to realize that each of her past loves has happened for a reason. And she’s left footprints on their lives just like they did for her.
Every life is special, especially your own. (via Goodreads)

I received an e-copy of this from the author in exchange for an honest review. This however did not influence my opinion of the book or of the author in any way.

First off, I want to thank Brandy for giving me the chance to read and review her newest novel. I know, I'm a little late for that. It's been months since I got an e-arc. But I'm so glad that I got to read it already.

I guess it's always been a touchy subject for me when it comes to death. That's why I was pretty sure Love, Kinsey won't fail me. Just the mere idea of Kinsey dying is depressing enough already. Add to that her last goal to interview her four ex-es and write an article about love. The moment I read that part, I thought that it was utterly amazing to come up with that kind of idea. Won't you want to revisit the past and know your legacy for each ex you had before you die?

We enter the story with Kinsey already being given only a few months to live. It was hard to connect to her in some ways because I didn't get to know her character deeply. I didn't know how she was before her sickness. Even though her four ex-es described her as like this and like that, I cannot compare her before and after sickness. It was like a void for me. But death drew me on her. So however she was before sickness, I knew she was a good character and all. I guess death is something that makes people connect in more important ways.

Her journey towards meeting each of her ex was funny and thoughtful. Can you even imagine going back to that time with a special someone? I think it was easier for Kinsey because she was practically dying already so she cannot be much conscious of such issues anymore. What she heard from each of her ex was worth all the trouble. It was more of an inner peace with herself to know that even if they didn't end up together, they still consider her as a valuable person. Just what every one wants. Oh and her fiancee was a gift anyway. Colby was really great about it and he supported her all the way. What a great man, right?

Of course, Kinsey was able to finish the article before everything blew up. There were tears shed but I guess most of them (her family and friends) were in peace since they saw how Kinsey cheerfully handled her disease. She got through it with a smile on her face. And that's what I really loved about her. I may not have fully known her before she was diagnosed but the way she handled her sickness is enough of a proof that she indeed was a strong one.

As usual, I was lost in Brandy's writing because it was smooth and all. I just wish, just like I wish with her novel Again, that this one was a bit longer. I don't know. Like I could have gotten to know Kinsey more before she was diagnosed. Though I enjoyed every bit of this novel.

I loved the article written by Kinsey. It may be depressing but it rings a lot of truth in our reality. It attacked a lot of things that needed to be realized by us. It is worth reading by everyone.

Love, Kinsey is a fun and enjoyable way to celebrate both love and death. You'll know that there are far more important things than just being together and not being together which is: love.

About the Author
Brandy Jeffus CoronaBrandy Jeffus has been writing stories since an early age. She would dictate them to her mom who would type them out on a typewriter.
She is a mother to two precious children and lives in North Texas, but she'll always consider herself an East Texan, hailing from the Rose Capital of the world, Tyler.


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