Friday, April 11, 2014


Well,  I do. That's why I was so excited when Becca Fitzpatrick came to the Philippines two weeks ago. She had a book signing event at Manila on March 29 then at Cebu on March 30. Of course, this bookish event wouldn't be possible without the hardworking National Bookstore. Thank you so much, NBS. I am forever grateful to you.

During the Q&A with Becca.

We (Filipino bloggers) were fortunate to attend the Q&A with Becca. Below are some of the things she shared with us:

1. She's an introvert.
2. She loved Twilight so she doesn't really care about the Hush Hush series being compared to it.
3. Out of all the books she have written, Sapphire Skies (to-be-released on 2015) is her favorite.

I thought it was time for our books to get signed but then the host took out an ARC of Black Ice. I thought it was going to be raffled but then they surprised us by having a box full of ARC. I know, I was so ecstatic. Everyone was. We are so lucky to have it. Thank you so much, Becca. <3 

Yet no matter how excited I was, I was tongue-tied when it was my turn to have my books signed. Yeah, I was a little star-strucked. The event wouldn't be fun and exciting without the company of my fellow bloggers. It was fun to be squealing with them when we got the ARCs.

Some of the pictures I've taken:

Filipino bloggers with Becca.

At the signing event at NBS Glorietta.

Becca enjoying her interview.

My signed books. 

I definitely cannot wait to read Black Ice. You can get a copy of the book at NBS this coming October 2014.

Again, thank you so much NBS for making this signing event possible. Looking forward to meeting other authors in the next few months.


I am so sad I missed the event, but glad that you enjoyed it!! :D Are you going to Rossi, Tahereh, Riggs 's book signing? :D Excited for that although 50/50 chance :(


Yeah! Why? You shall definitely come. It's once in a lifetime chance, Abby. :(


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