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Hey, there! I'm Nina. I'm just an ordinary girl who loves books, books and books. I'm a reader just like all of you. I've been a blog follower for more than two years. I used to wonder what it would feel like having your own book blog and talk about books with different bloggers from around the world! And not to mention the sweet and friendly bloggers that you can be friends with! After a long time, it is only now that I truly realized that I actually wanted to have a book blog! I know. It took me two good years to realize that.

I read books from different genres. It solely depends on how interested I am with the synopsis. So yes, I read anything under the sun. But of course, there will always be favorites. My favorite genre is from Young Adult to New Adult. These two genres are closely related and that's why my favorites vary from them. I absolutely love anything YA/NA. Although I have to admit that there are also books outside from YA/NA that have caught up my soul.

I've been reviewing books in my Goodreads profile since last year. So if you have more time, feel free to drop by my Goodreads profile and check out my reviews! You can also add me, you know. We'll talk about books and swoon a lot over the hottest fictional guys!

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Hi Nina.. following you now :) Great blog.


Just got you through Goodreads and I am following great blog


Hey, there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Feel free to leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you! I'll reply as soon as I can! ;)

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