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Author: Brandy Jeffus Corona
Release date: May 15th 2013
Publisher: Create Space
Series: N/A
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tour organized by: Itching For Books
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From recess buddies to high school sweethearts, Eli Stone and Bonnie Jinks were constants in each other’s lives. Although young, their relationship had withstood the test of many teenage tribulations. Marriage and a happy ever after were in their future plans. 

One alcohol fueled mistake rips them apart. Bonnie ends up on the road with her new boyfriend while Eli joins the military. It seems as if their lives would never intersect again. 
A near fatal accident brings them together and their chemistry is undeniable. But will the pain of the past keep them apart? Can they make their love work again? (via Goodreads)

Again is such a light New Adult contemporary romance read. Imagine that I finished it in a day in between going to school, waiting for classes and going home. See? That light and short. It is fast-paced too. It is basically about Eli and Bonnie breaking up when they just graduated from high school and getting back together after a few years.

What Eli did was such a high-school-boy move. It's really hormonal and stuff. And I do get why he decided to break up with Bonnie. Although I actually wished they talked before ignoring each other because really? They were together for years already. Isn't communication will be more accessible to think that they're more comfortable with each other in a deeper way? Then I guess that's the risk of falling in love and trusting someone so much. You actually give that person the benefit of the doubt that he/she will never hurt you. Ever. I guess Bonnie didn't know that risk yet when they were in high school.

So fast forward, an accident happened that made Bonnie go back to her hometown and be close with Eli again. It's all surreal okay? I mean, yes, I do believe that some people have to be apart just for them to realize that they really are for each other. Or that, some people will always be in love with someone else they can't be with. You know, such tragic love. Anyway, Bonnie tried to fight it off. But it only took some of her energy before she had an epiphany.

It's so swoony that Eli really believed that they'd be together again. I mean, come on! Will some guys be really like that? Maybe those with such heart.

I really liked Again. It's light and I can read it over and over and over again. I just wished that I knew some of Eli and Bonnie's hardships when they were apart. Those will be the interesting parts because they'll be in struggle on their own thinking if they'll actually end up together or not.

Again is such a great light read. It will make you believe in that forever kind of love, friends. Although I already believe in that, it feels nice to read about something like it. It's a feel-good novel about love and second chances.


"You cut your hair, it's so short," Eli whispers, interrupting my inner pep talk. I look up at him and he grins at me.

"It used to be a lot shorter," I answer. I reach up and grab a strand. It is past my shoulders and has grown out considerably from when I chopped it off to chin length. It feel greasy and stringy and all of a sudden embarrassment flares up inside.

"I think it's very pretty," Eli whispers. I feel my cheeks redden and I quickly drop my hand. The elevator pings, singally we're at the bottom floor and I quickly step off when the doors open. Eli leads us out the hospital doors into the parking lot. He walks to a silver SUV and opens the front and back passenger door for us. I climb the back, while Tatum crawls into the front seat.

Tatum, in her usual fashion, is very inquisitive, "So Eli, when did you become a cop?"

"Almost two years ago. Right after I got out of the Marines."

"Yeah, whenever I'm done with the Army, I might go into the academy. Not sure yet. I still have a little less than two years."

"I enjoyed the Marines, but I was happy to get out. I knew from the first year I'd never be able to make a career out of it. My ultimate goal is to make detective on squad," says Eli.

"How are your parents?" I ask from the backseat. The question is out before I can even think. What is wrong with you? You're going to play 20 questions with him now?

Eli glances back at me and smiles. His constant smiling is seriously getting on my nerves. It reminds me of the past, how he always had a grin plastered on his face. If he wasn't smiling then you knew something was really wrong. That slightly crooked smile was one of the constants in high school. I could always rely on it.

  About the Author 

Brandy Jeffus has been writing stories since an early age. She would dictate them to her mom who would type them out on a typewriter. 
She is a mother to two precious children and lives in North Texas, but she'll always consider herself an East Texan, hailing from the Rose Capital of the world, Tyler.


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