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Persephone's Orchard
Author: Molly Ringle
Release date: June 28th 2013
Publisher: Central Avenue Publishing
Series: The Chrysomelia Stories # 1
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Mythology
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The Greek gods never actually existed. Did they? Sophie Darrow finds she was wrong about that assumption when she's pulled into the spirit realm, complete with an Underworld, on her first day at college. Adrian, the mysterious young man who brought her there, simply wants her to taste a pomegranate. 

Soon, though she returns to her regular life, her mind begins exploding with dreams and memories of ancient times; of a love between two Greeks named Persephone and Hades. But lethal danger has always surrounded the immortals, and now that she's tainted with the Underworld's magic, that danger is drawing closer to Sophie. (via Goodreads)

I've always been amazed by Mythology. Don't know why. But it totally amuses me in a lot of ways. So I was so happy that I was asked to review this! Actually, happy is an understatement. I was overjoyed!

Persephone's Orchard totally screamed mystery. It was present in every single chapter. There's always this something that needs to be revealed or there are clues that will help you unfold those mysteries. It was fascinating reading those things and the things that surround it. Even if I find this one a little too long, it didn't let me get bored because of the mystery. The mysteries in here kept me reading. It was kind of addictive. Especially when Sophie was slowly reliving her memories. You just need to know what happens next!

Mythology here was absolutely a-mazing. It was really amusing for me. Told you, Mythology really do amuses me. But really, the stories of the Greek Gods in here was captivating. I mean, some Greek Gods were only known to bring catastrophe, right? Or so some books say so. In here, they all have that distinctive characteristic that you'll totally fall for. Also, the connection of the Greek Gods with Sophie and Adrian was altogether enjoyable to read.

My favorite part is Sophie's field trips to the Underworld. Yes, field trips! Molly did take me to the Underworld. That was how her words are so vivid that I really felt like I was there. I felt the creeps of being down under but it was overpowered by the magical stuff that were present.

Uhuh, I wouldn't forget to mention Adrian and Sophie's chemistry. It was so evident that you will totally believe that they'll end up together. Although I wanted to punch Adrian for fooling Sophie in the first place, I was so bloody glad he did that. That started everything for Sophie and even then for Adrian. Even if for the most part, this was all about Sophie reliving her memories, I still swooned because of Adrian. Oh Greek Gods. Give me some Adrian in here! Or should I say his other name? No can do! You have to figure it out for yourself. But really, do yourself a favor and buy this now! It's only 99 cents in major e-bookstores!!!

As I've said, I find this a little bit too long. But then I was arguing with myself because it couldn't be any shorter for all I know. I guess it's really long but it did justice to the story. It wasn't long just to say so. It was long because it has to be. Oh well, even if I find it a little too long, I still loved it anyway.

Persephone's Orchard is a fascinating enjoyable Mythological read. You'll totally be lost in the Underworld in no time. And you'll be reading faster than you think because you will want to know everything in Sophie's dreams! Of course, you'll be asking yourself if you'll eat that pomegranate or not.

Here's the Reading Guide that will especially be helpful to book clubs. There's an interview with Molly included so you better read it! Please do tell me if the link isn't working. Tweet me or anything. 

  About the Author 
Mheadshot31Molly Ringle has been writing fiction for over twenty years. With her intense devotion to silly humor, she was especially proud to win the grand prize in the 2010 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest with one (intentionally) terrible sentence. Her academic studies include a bachelor of arts in anthropology (University of Oregon, Clark Honors College) and a master of arts in linguistics (University of California, Davis). Molly lives in Seattle with her husband and kids, and worships fragrances and chocolate. 

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