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Author: Rhonda Helms
Release date: February 10th 2015
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Series: N/A
Age Group:Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary / Romance
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Prom should be one of the most memorable nights of your life. But for Camilla and Joshua, some elaborate promposals are getting in the way. Will they be able to land their dream dates in time for the dance?

Promposal (n.)—an often very public proposal, in which one person asks another person to the prom, eliciting joy or mortification.

Camilla can’t help hoping her secret crush, Benjamin, might randomly surprise her out of the blue with a promposal. But when she’s asked to prom by an irritating casual acquaintance—who’s wearing a fancy tux and standing in front of a news crew—she’s forced to say yes. However, all hope is not lost, as a timely school project gives Camilla a chance to get closer to Benjamin...and it seems like the chemistry between them is crackling. Is she reading into something that isn’t there, or will she get her dream guy just in time for prom?

Joshua has been secretly in love with his best friend Ethan since middle school. Just as he decides to bite the bullet and ask Ethan if he’d go to prom with him, even if just as friends, he gets a shocking surprise: Ethan asks Joshua for help crafting the perfect promposal—for another guy. Now Joshua has to suppress his love and try to fake enthusiasm as he watches his dreams fall apart...unless he can make Ethan see that love has been right in front of his eyes the whole time.

The road to the perfect promposal isn’t easy to navigate. But one thing’s certain—prom season is going to be memorable.  
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I received an e-copy of this from Simon Pulse through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This however did not influence my opinion of the book or of the author in any way..


What are your pet peeves as a social being? Are you okay with a stranger suddenly grabbing your hand in public? Or a person doing something inappropriate in front of a crowd? We can all think of an instance where we felt uncomfortable, violated and annoyed. In return, we do our best to avoid doing stuff which can make other people feel the same way. It's an unwritten code, to be proper at all times especially in public places. These things that make us act in certain ways are what we call social norms. I am very much familiar with such as we studied it in the university and of course, I was one of those girls who was brought up to be proper always, just like with Camilla, the female lead character.

Promposal alternates between Camilla and Joshua's POVs. Two best friends who both share trouble in their romantic life. Camilla wishes to be seen and appreciated by her ultimate crush, Benjamin, who is the complete opposite of her with his mysterious aura. Yet Zach asked her to go to the prom in front of everyone so she was forced to say yes. Talk about social norms. While Joshua is in love with his best friend, Ethan who wanted to invite another guy to their prom. These two besties definitely had some heartaches before they both got what they want.

Only a few pages in Promposal, I got so excited because Camilla's class was studying social norms. Of course, the introduction of Camilla was absolutely relatable. She was witty on her own. I caught myself laughing a couple of times because of her thoughts, actions and endless worries. Girl, you'd think at her age, all she'd be worried will be college but no. When Zach did his promposal to her, she was tied to just say yes. Poor Camilla. I wanted to punch Zach for assuming a lot of things. But, hey. They became friends in the end. Camilla's flirting with Benjamin made me smile a lot. Their passing of notes and project together was fun and entertaining.

Joshua's dilemma was a bit more heartbreaking as he was asked by Ethan to help him do a promposal for another guy. How cruel was that? The moment that Joshua confessed to Ethan was definitely heart-tugging. I would surely eat lots of oreos and ice cream if that was me.

Camilla and Joshua balanced out each other in the story. As Camilla was funny and happy-go-lucky, Joshua was the more serious, the artistic one. It wasn't a bore reading about their lives. No too much drama, or heavy struggles. It was more of finding your way to your romantic life.

Promposal definitely is one for a good laugh. You will enjoy Camilla and Joshua's way to their budding romance. Be ready as it will also make you think about your dos and don'ts in the public, if you're being appropriate for that matter. It's nice to read a book that not only makes you enjoy the story and the characters, but also allows you to reflect on your own as a person.

About the Author

Rhonda HelmsRhonda Helms started writing several years ago when she realized she was having far too many conversations with people in her head that hadn’t actually happened. She has a Master’s degree in English and a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. She also edits for Carina Press (an imprint of Harlequin Publishing) as a freelance acquisitions/developmental editor, plus offers freelance editing.

When she isn’t writing, she likes amateur photography, digging her toes into the sand, reading for hours at a time, and eating scads of cheese. WAY too much cheese.

Rhonda lives in Northeast Ohio with her family, a dog, and two sassy cats.

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