Tuesday, November 14, 2017


              Meet Jasmine Warga and Jennifer E. Smith, everyone! They visited the Philippines for a 2-day signing, last November 11 in Cebu and  the other one last November 12 in Manila. It was Jasmine's 1st time to visit while it was the second time for Jennifer. Hopefully not the last one! All thanks to National Bookstore for bringing them here and giving the Filipino readers an opportunity to meet and greet these two best-selling authors. 

           We all know how lovely and awesome these two, right? But seriously, they were both wonderful to chat with. National Bookstore was kind enough to allow some bloggers to have a Q&A portion with them. They answered the questions eagerly. Below are some of the things they shared with us and some photos I took with them. Enjoy!

  1. When Jasmine started to write My Heart and Other Black Holes, she unexpectedly lost someone really close to her which made her think of big existential questions. Those questions that we don't often let ourselves think that much about. These periods of raw shock and deep grief made her question our own mortality, what it means to die. The story was born out of that.
  2. Jen is drawn to themes like fate, serendipity, timing, and chance. She once saw a young man buying a lot of lottery tickets. She thought of writing about it, a kid who's 18 still hasn't quite figured out who he is yet wins this incredible huge amount of money. There goes the start of Windfall.
  3. Both Jennifer and Jasmine prefer writing contemporary novels. They are both drawn to reading contemporary. Jen once wrote a  middle-grade book that's fantasy in genre. She had fun writing it as an experiment but her heart is into contemporary. She might write another middle-grade book, or an adult one, both as contemporary in the future.  On the other hand, Jas is interested in experimental styles, different ways to format a novel and various age groups.

                  Also featured on this event was the soft opening of Powerbooks in The Podium located in  Ortigas. It looks so classy, you guys. I can't wait for it to expand its opening. Don't forget to visit the store and discover new titles.

                  That's it for the recap! Let's all wait for another author to visit us. Happy Reading!

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