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Author: S. T. Anthony
Release date: July 23rd 2013
Publisher: Self-Published
Series: N/A
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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From a poetic point of view, Miss Nora’s classroom is my Garden of Eden. Everything is so perfect and peaceful during those fifty minutes that I am in her class each day. 

Then the stupid bell has to ring and ruin everything. 

That annoying, ringing bell taints my ears from evil lurking the halls. The ringing of the bell tempts me to take one step out for the next class. 

And when I do, all hell breaks loose. 

When evil walks the halls of Valley High, Adny’s life is put to the ultimate test. Three weeks before senior graduation, she leaves a series of videos behind for her best friend to relive the days leading up to the moment that would impact everyone who crossed her path. 

Adny’s family and close friends search within themselves and the outside world for not only who would hurt her, but why. The search would be one they won't regret, but one they'd hope to forget. (via Goodreads)

I was so excited to read this novel. Not just because of the poetic words but also for the heavy drama aura of the blurb. It sounded so emotional and heart-wrenching.

The way the truth was revealed as to what happened to Adny was such a painful journey. True, it was short. But that doesn't make it any less sad and painful. The people around Adny had all participated as to what happened to her. Though not every one of them knew they were part of it. Some were just spectators, merely ignorant of the truth. Some were practically itching for it to happen. 

I never really knew Adny in such a deep way. Sure, she was in the videos. Yeah, I pity her. She's been through so much bullying and stuff. But that didn't make me feel her that much. Also, I didn't really feel any of the characters in such a deep way. It was like I was a spectator myself. You know how you hear news when someone dies because of abuse or the likes? You'll get sad for the person but after awhile, you don't care anymore. Not even about how that did happen. I just knew what happened to Adny and yes it's sad. But that's that. Even if it was a painful journey in discovering the truth, I just didn't feel them. 

The things that were done to Adny were practically normal teenage angst. It wasn't nice. It was really bad and just utterly evil. Especially done by such young people. 

Despite the fact that I didn't get to feel Adny or any of the characters, I still enjoyed reading this. It wasn't really that emotional that I thought. But it was emotional in the right gear. I liked it since the story really has a great message to everyone. That everything we do actually have an impact to everyone else's life. So don't ever be ignorant of others!

I Rize is a nice contemporary read about young people trying to know fit in the world, about how our actions absolutely affect other people around us and how we should all be responsible of the freedom given to us.

  About the Author 

I have had a crazy imagination since the old kindergarten days and excited to finally put it down on paper. I am currently in college and loving every moment so far. My love to pursue medicine and to write is my passion in life!

I am also true blood obsessed and my eyes will be glued to the TV every Sunday. I am super excited to be releasing my first self published book called I RIZE.

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