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Merch Girl

Author: Merch Girl
Release date: May 4th 2013
Publisher: Self-Published
Series: N/A
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Seventeen-year-old Lacey Kind doesn’t have the guts to talk to cute boys, isn’t a size two, and would rather stay home and listen to music than go to a party. But in the summer before her first year of college, she ends up thousands of miles away from home, in the back of a tour bus, underneath the half-naked body of the hottest teen rock star in the country.

When Lacey and her best friend Trina sneak into a Boston nightclub to see their favorite band, they not only get to watch their rock gods perform for the first time, but score a chance to meet the band too. Lacey’s heart races as she comes face-to-face with her idol, nineteen-year-old lead singer, Logan Shire.

The girls charm their way into being hired to sell merchandise on Lansdowne’s first summer tour. As “merch girls” Lacey and Trina quickly find themselves transported from their ordinary, suburban life to an exhilarating few months on the road. But they soon realize that life on the road isn’t always a smooth ride... (via Goodreads)
It seemed a little fishy to me, but I had no reason not to believe him. The door opened and sure enough Logan, Ryan and Jenna entered the room. 
"Surprise!" I yelled, holding out the cupcakes.
"It's not my Birthday," Logan said. Trina, Griffin and I laughed.
"What?" he asked, as Griffin passed him the box.
"Nothing dude," he said. Logan reached for one and took a big bite. "They're congratulating us on the killer show we just had."
"Thanks, that's really nice of you," he said, smiling wide.
I swear his eyes actually twinkled when he smiled like that.
Jenna walked by us quickly. She didn't make eye contact with anyone and remained quiet. Ryan grabbed a cupcake before meeting Jenna on the other side of the room, pulling her onto the couch. She sat on his lap, but she was fidgety, and played with her hair more than usual. I wanted to decipher their body language some more, but when Logan sat down next to me I couldn't ignore his presence.
"Mmm, that was great," he said, licking his luscious, frosting covered lips.
"No problem," I replied. I had to hold on to the arms of my chair to keep from lunging at him.
He inched towards me, leaning off the edge of his seat, and brushed my hair behing my ear with his hand.
"I wish I could see you when I'm up on stage. It's too bad you have to be all the way in the back to do your job."
"Yeah, and I don't want to be crushed by hundreds of sweaty girls up in the front either."
"Gross," he said with a laugh. His fingers ran through my hair and gently down my arm. It gave me the chills, but in a good way, in a very good way.
"So, are you excited about tomorrow?" I looked at the clock on the side table, and realized it already was tomorrow.
"Honestly, it doesn't feel real. It probably won't hit me till we get in the store and I see people buying the record. At least, I hope people will buy it."
He was so humble. Didn't he see the hundreds of people in the crowd at his concert tonight?
"Your hand will be sore from signing so many autographs tomorrow, I know it," I reassured him.
"You're gonna be there, right?"
"Do you want me to be there?"
"Of course, why wouldn't I? He shook his head like it was the most ridiculous question ever asked. I was glad to hear that he wanted me to attend such a milestone in his life.
"I don't know, I just wasn't sure."
He grabbed my face with both hands and pulled me in close. "Yes, I want you to be there."
I smiled and leaned in to kiss him. He tasted like sugar.
"Don't you need to wake up soon? I don't want to distract you from your sleep when you have such an important day tomorrow."
"I can handle it; stay."
I stood up. "No, you didn't want to like me in the first place because you didn't want any distractions, and I'm not going to make your point valid."
"Fine," he said, pouting.
I kissed his delicious lips one more time and grabbed my stuff. "C'mon Trina, the guys need to get some rest."

They didn't budge.
Logan threw a pillow at Griffin's head to get his attention. "She's right; we should get some sleep before tomorrow."
"Okay, okay," he said, tossing the pillow in Ryan's direction next.
Trina grabbed her things. "You guys can keep the rest of the cupcakes."
"Alright, free breakfast!" Griffin said.
Logan walked us out of the room. "See you guys tomorrow."
I took one last long look at him before separating for the night. It was hard to say goodnight, but I knew tomorrow would be another exciting day.

  About the Author
Lisa Mangum
Rebecca Lewis is the author of the Young Adult novel, Merch Girl, and a lover of all things music! She's been writing stories since middle school and penned her first fanfic about a semi-popular boyband in 1997. Her passion for music and writing brought her to Boston University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the College of Communication. During her college career, she interned for various record labels in Boston and New York City, sold merch for local bands, worked at record stores, and did a whole lot of grassroots marketing. She currently resides in Florida with her husband and puppy..

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