Monday, April 29, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read! :)

Hey everyone! I'm definitely new in this blog hop. It's already Monday in here but it's better late than never! Besides, I love the Question!

Q: Is there a song that reminds you of a book? Or vice versa? What is the song & the book?

Uhuh! Coldplay's The Scientist always make me remember Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I don't really know why but it does! Every time!

Here's the song!

How about you? What song reminds you of a book or vice versa? Link up and I'll follow you! :)

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I can't think of any songs that remind me of a book. I don’t connect music to books, and I usually read in quiet. Welcome to the blog hop! :)

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Happy Reading! :)


Good song!

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I'm familiar with Coldplay, but I've never listened to this song before. I'll have to remember to listen to it if I ever read Delirium. :)

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Now I'm always going to think of that song with that book too :)

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Great song choice. I haven't read Delirium yet but I'm dying to as I've heard great things!
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Love Coldplay! I really liked Delirium, too. I think they go together, too. :)

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