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Author: Angela Richardson
Release date: May 15th 2013
Publisher: Self-published
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In the sequel to Pieces of Lies, we follow Norah and Clint to New York, the playground for the Lappell and Big Joe. 

From the outside, everything looks great for Norah and Clint. They have a new apartment, new jobs, a new life. Everything looks perfect... or is it?

Leaving Morewell was a big step for the couple, but for Norah, she moved with the knowledge that there could be more secrets Clint could be keeping, more deception that could bring her whole world crashing down. She took the step knowing the truth would be lurking in the shadows, waiting for her to find it. Will the truth find Norah or will she find the truth? In this story, relationships will be tested, old feelings will surface, secrets will be revealed and emotions will run high. By the end, Norah will have chosen her love, but at what price? (via Goodreads)

Where do I even begin with? I still cannot think straight after that mind-blowing, heart-breaking epilogue. I won't even give a hint as to what that epilogue is all about. Better read it, you know.

When I received Angela's e-mail, I was so hyped! She wasn't kidding when she told me this is a bit different. I know Angela can pull off another surprise. But the surprises this one has is so shocking in a way. Maybe I knew all along that, that CAN happen but then I'm giving that character the benefit of the doubt. BUT NOOOO. Yes, I'm so heart-broken right now.

But you guys, this is naughtier than Pieces of Lies. Like seriously. I think, no, I believe this is actually the first New Adult novel that got me to read parts like that. Very descriptive. And very... I don't know. Not really my type. But it's not the novel's fault. I just really feel like I'm invading the couple's privacy! So I just skimmed those parts because there were still sweet feelings included.

The suspense had me guessing all the time. It wasn't until the latter part of the novel that I had my own concrete guess and that was really hard because I didn't know the characters I should trust. It's just hard. Even if this is just a novel, I have to keep my guard on or else I'd be hurt! Honestly, even if I had my guard on, I'm still hurt about what happened. I'm that affected!

I don't know how to review this without giving a hint as to what happened! I'm keeping my mouth shut. I swear. To everyone who loved Pieces of Lies, I give you my word that you'll enjoy Norah's quest into finding who really deserves her love, her tug-of-war drama with all the lies that have been built around her, her impulsiveness about her decisions and her passion for art.

Just a quick warning, don't be deceived okay? Maybe you think knowing the truth will set you free, but most of the time, it won't. It will just actually eat you alive making you wish that you'd just settled for the lies.

Many thanks to Angela Richardson for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review! I actually don't think this will be the last book for this series. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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