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Traces of Kara
Author: Melissa Foster
Release date: February 14th 2013
Publisher: World Literary Press
Series: N/A
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Kara Knight can't wait to leave her hometown for the promise of nursing school and a fresh start on her future--leaving behind an over protective mother, a broken heart and painful memories. However, twenty-five miles away, the brother she doesn't know is determined to be reunited with the sister he cannot forget. 

Kara is abducted and thrown into her obsessive captor's delusional world. As the past she thought she knew unravels around her, Kara struggles to make sense of the memories that come creeping back, threatening her sanity and her safety. Meanwhile, Kara's mother races against time to save the daughter she fears she will lose when a long-held secret is revealed. The hours tick away as Roland plays out his plan--to take Kara with him into death at the exact moment of their birth, never to be separated again. 

TRACES OF KARA is an action packed, pulse pounding psychological thriller/suspense novel that features a determined killer who slowly loses his grip on reality as his carefully detailed plan starts to fall apart and a heroine determined to move forward with her life who now must reconcile everything she believed to be true about her family with the reality of their tragic past.  (via Goodreads)


Traces of Kara really was an action packed, pulse pounding psychological thriller novel. Every chapter gave me the creeps. It was like watching those kinds of movies that gave you the sort-of heart attacks reactions!

I have to admit that the plot wasn't that original to me. I've read books about changed identities, runaway family members, broken families and the likes. That's why the twists in here weren't much of a surprise to me. What gave this novel the edge is the fact that Roland was such a psycho. Really, he was.  Having a psycho character is new to me. I mean, this kind of psycho. It was so scary just like in movies. You know those obsessive kind of male characters in the movie? Yeah, like that. I swear. It. Was. Scary. I mean, it's one thing to watch a psychological thriller movie but when you're reading a novel like this, you're seeing it in a whole lot more different way. Maybe because books give us so much description that it is our own minds that do the job to visualize it. 

Kara is absolutely the victim here. I so pity her because well, she received much of the story's attack. But then I think Roland is also a victim. Alright, he's the bad guy! But when it's already your mind that screws up, that's a really serious problem. He's a victim of his own deranged mind. And that's just too sad. Honestly, he makes me remember people from the real world. Can you even think how hard it is for them to think and act when they can't even be sure of their selves?

This might be about Kara. Hello, the title says so! But in a way, it made me feel as if it's about Roland's psychotic mind and how helpless he is. As much as he scares the hell out of me, Melissa Foster made me feel as if Roland is a representation of the other Rolands here in our world. I know this is so fictional but I can not mention how it made me think about it in such a way.

Traces of Kara will give you the creeps in almost every way possible. If you're up for a good psychological thriller, then this one's for you! But be sure to be ready. You never know when the suspense is coming!

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