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Author: Nigel Blackwell
Release date: May 2nd 2013
Publisher: Bandit Publishing
Series: N/A
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Romance Humurous
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Getting a taxi in Paris can be hell.

Piers Chapman expected a boring business trip to Paris. 
What he didn't expect was to fight over a cab with a beautiful girl.

After a bad meeting, Sidney Roux just wanted to hail a cab, go home, and have a glass of wine.
She didn't expect to fight over a cab with some pompous British tourist.

Neither of them expected another man to jump in their cab.
Or to be involved in a gun fight.
Or a car chase through the streets of Paris.
Or for the man to die.

But they're thrust together when the mob demands they return what the dead man stole.

Will Piers and Sidney work together?
Will they find what he had stolen?
Will they stay alive?

And will they do the last thing they expected?
Will they fall in love?

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The sound of Paris Love Match makes me remember Get Smart movie. You know that action-packed funny movie wherein Anne Hathaway and Steve Carell starred in? Yes, that! Except that Piers and Sidney weren't agents or anything. But their story was hell funny. Instead of making me nervous since they are being harassed by mobs, they made me laugh A LOT because of their clumsiness and their sort-of awkwardness. Yet they're cute, you know. Cute!

Piers and Sidney were forced to work together to find what the dead man stole. If not, they'll die. Really, when everything cuts loose, you'll actually hold on to something just to get out of it alive even if it means being with a stranger. Piers and Sidney didn't know each other. But I love how naturally they acted together. Even if there was a little awkwardness between the two of them at times. I guess this started when Piers started to realize how gorgeous Sidney was. They have that chemistry! I guess that's what made them worked like a team. Also, that chemistry was budding into something more. Then again, would you actually focus on romance rather than your own safety? I guess Piers and Sidney were just making sure they'll get out of it alive before starting something new.

I just hate how naive Sidney was. I mean, maybe if I was in the same position, I've done the same thing. But then, I would have assessed things first rather than jump to conclusions. She actually invited more danger to their lives because of what she did. Although I think she was just being patriotic. And also, that's what female characters in movies usually do! Like I said, this was like Get Smart or really, James Bond, even for a little. 

This was not so James Bond because well, Piers wasn't that kind of guy. Not that knight in shining armor type every woman dreams about. But he was! For Sidney. Honestly, what he did in the end was like a suicide mission. I mean, what was the chance that he'll get out of it alive? Not like I actually computed for it or something but, he was a total brave man. For that, he really did become James Bond in the end!

You know those big men in movies you hate because they harass the main characters? But in the end, you'll love them because they did something for the main characters? Well, they were present here! Surprise, surprise!

Huh, loved that title! Really. Suits them so much. 

Paris Love Match was a fast read. It'll make you laugh even if this was supposed to be suspense for the most part. You'll actually get addicted because you wanna know what's gonna happen to Piers and Sidney IMMEDIATELY. This was a total page-turner.

  About the Author 
Nigel Blackwell was born in rural Oxfordshire in England. He has a love of books, a PhD in Physical Chemistry, and a black belt in pointing out the obvious. As a teenager he toured Europe and loved seeing the wonders of the world and the people in it. Since then he has been fortunate enough to travel across Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Japan, and hasn't been anywhere that doesn't have the potential for a story.   He now lives in Texas with his wife and daughter, where they enjoy the sunshine and listen to the coyotes howl at night.



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