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Welcome to my stop for Our Song Blog Tour!

Our Song
Author: Jordanna Fraiberg
Release date: May 2nd 2013
Publisher: Razorbill
Series: N/A
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tour organized by: Itching For Books
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Olive Bell has spent her entire life in the beautiful suburb of Vista Valley, with a picture-perfect home, a loving family, and a seemingly perfect boyfriend. But after a near-fatal car accident, she’s haunted by a broken heart and a melody that she cannot place.

Then Olive meets Nick. He’s dark, handsome, mysterious . . . and Olive feels connected to him in a way she can’t explain. Is there such a thing as fate? The two embark on a whirlwind romance—until Nick makes a troubling confession.

Heartbroken, Olive pieces together what really happened the night of her accident and arrives at a startling revelation. Only by facing the truth can she uncover the mystery behind the song and the power of what it means to love someone. (via Goodreads)

I'm so glad I signed up for this blog tour! You guys don't know how excited I am!!! I've missed YA so much! And I have to admit that my heart still belongs to the YA books. 

Okay now. I really don't know how to start this review. Basically because my mind is really messed up. In a good way! It's hard to think of words to justify how much I love this novel. And how much I find awesomeness here.

What drew me to read this is the music and the near-death experience of Olive. Sure, there was music but not in the way I though it would be. The pull of music in here was much deeper. Its impact was much more emotional and spiritual. While the near-death experience was something that made Nick and Olive happen, like that near-death experience was really meant to happen for their paths to cross. 

It's amazing how in the start, I like a character so much then in the end, I realize how a total asshole that character is. Derek's an example. The way Olive described their relationship before the accident, it felt too sincere. That's why I cannot actually blame Olive for being that naive that Derek would take her back even if he didn't visit her in the hospital! For two weeks. Then I learned what happened then yes, he's an asshole. 

Obviously, Olive cannot really place what really happened that night. It was like her memory has been chopped off. But I think deep down, she knew what happened. She's not just that ready to remember it. Because honestly, that was heartbreaking.

Read the blurb up there? Oh God. I was so hell nervous what confession that was. It was heartbreaking because it just is. And I feel for Nick really. I cried, okay! It was one of those things you pray hard that wouldn't happen to you.

I just find it annoying at first that Olive kept on being that naive for Derek but then I guess that's just normal. And how she didn't even try to remember what happened! It's like she chose to move on because that night was really painful to even remember about.
Olive and Nick's chemistry is undeniably strong. I must say that I was so glad that accident happened even if a lot of bad things have to happened. It was totally worth it.

The song, the accident and Nick are connected altogether. Read now so you'll know how. Because in all seriousness, it was awesomesauce! I've encountered something sort like it before but still, it was great! 

Even if some of the things here are cliches already, I didn't feel bored. Because let's be honest, there are a lot of commonalities in novels but how each author strives to write it is the edge of each novel. And I gotta say that Jordanna's words are hypnotizing.

Our Song is definitely a perfect YA contemporary romance read. Whatever the season is, you'll end up loving it. Hell, you'll fall in love with it.

And now! I chose this particular scene because it makes my knees weak.


"Thank you for listening," Nick said. "That's all I wanted. I'll see myself out." 
After he left, the vague outline of his stance remained indented in the rug where he'd been standing. His confession swirled around me, the words impenetrable as if they were spoken in a foreign language I didn't speak.
"Is everything alright?" My mother came up and tucked a loose hair behind my ear. "You know you don't have to go tonight. You can always stay home with us."
"I can't." I said, smoothing out the wrinkles on my dress. This was my second chance, and it had nothing to do with Nick. "Derek's waiting for me."
When I got to the foyer, Nick was just making his way out. Derek looked on, his fist balled around the pink carnations that made up my corsage. In his rented black tux with the matching carnation boutonniere, he looked so much younger than Nick, like he was playing the part of a grown-up for the night. 
Nick paused before he closed the door, letting in a gust of rain. With his hand still gripping the doorknob, he turned back to face me.
"There's one last thing you should know. When we were on the dock that day, right before I pulled you into the pond, you were right. I was going to say something. I was going to tell you how beautiful you are."
Something fluttered beneath my scar, like a small goldfish was trapped behind it, wriggling madly to be free. It felt like my whole head was spinning out of control.
"You're the most beautiful person I've ever met. I just thought you should know that," he said, before shutting the door behind him.

So? You're convinced now right? Go buy it and read it!

  About the Author 

Jordanna Fraiberg was born in Montreal, Quebec, and currently lives in L.A., where she settled after receiving degrees from Harvard and Oxford. A former national squash champion and Hollywood film executive, she now divides her time between dreaming up stories and chasing her toddler. She is the author of Our Song and In Your Room.


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