Monday, June 24, 2013

Hey, guys! I've been wanting to post something like this for a long time. Good thing, New Leaf Literary is having this Addicted to New Adult promotion! 

Question: So yes, what made me fall for New Adult?

Answer: When I first encounter Slammed in Goodreads, I know it is something amazing. So I got a copy and man, was I ever so wrong. It wasn't something amazing. IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Yes, something and absolutely are two different words. Anyway, Slammed introduced me to New Adult. It made me realized that there is really something in between Young Adult and Adult. Since I'm 19 now, I guess I fit in the New Adult world right? Although I'll always be a Young Adult at heart, you know! So after Slammed, I read Point of Retreat and from then on, I searched some other NA novels and hooray! I became addicted in a way.

This isn't really a topic but I'd just like to say it anyway. New Adult for me, is just the age group that the book really wants to have as an audience. And there are genres, contemporary, romance, dystopian, fantasy, etc. So there can be New Adult Contemporary Romance or New Adult Dystopian. I don't know. I guess I just don't want to mix it up.

Also, as much as I love New Adult novels. I hate that some are turning into like erotic novels. No, really. Maybe that's what some people like. But I am addicted to New Adult because of the way Slammed gave me that hope on how to navigate our lives when we're in that between. Especially we're about to succumb in to the Adult world. I'm just saying, I love those New Adult novels that tackles real life problems and give readers that hope that we can cross the bridges. 

But whatever, I'm addicted to New Adult as I am. Especially those novels. Slammed made me believe in the power of New Adult novels! Actually, Colleen Hoover did. She is a totally amazing author!!!

How about you? How did you fall for NA? Post or tweet! Use the #naaddict when tweeting!

Also, here's a treat for you guys! 
New Leaf Literary


I agree with you, Nina, Slammed did me in - and I'm 'too old' for both New Adult and Young Adult, but I love both. I think there is something special about the age when we are on the verge of adulthood, and how hard it can be to figure everything out, you know?

There are several books I just adored, for all the reasons you mentioned above -tackling hard things, growing up, finding love, and how to deal with it all. Lately, I've discovered more authors, and so far, I'm loving it all!

Thanks so much for hosting this amazing giveaway! Happy reading :)

Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews


I feel like it is the bridge between young adult and adult where the young adult is geared more for teens with high school level issues whereas the new adult is geared toward a little bit older and more complex issues. I do enjoy both and am loving the new adult books.


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